Make money with Chaturbate – Adult CPA Method

Make money with Chaturbate – Adult CPA CPL Method

What is chaturbate? Chaturbate is a Webcam page for adults. In this tutorial we are not going to entertain ourselves watching girls, in this tutorial we are going to earn money.

How to make money with Chaturbate? Chaturbate has an affiliate program that allows you to earn money by sharing content (girls on webcam) and we will earn money for each person who signs up through our shared link. Chaturbate pay $1 for a free signup. Easy


  • Chaturbate account (Sign up for chaturbate click here)

Go to the bottom of page and click “Affiliates”

You will have to edit your payment info (put legit info) and choose your payout method etc.

You can fill out the payout information form later,

let’s get some income first!
Click “linking codes” along the bar at the top


Believe it or not, chatrooms have always been gold mines.
Never spam the chat rooms with your links. Private messages online chatters and send them the
links after chatting with them for a bit. Remember, for every member that joins you earn $1. You
will try to convince the people you talk to register to see your webcam and you will give them a
private show or your phone number.


In the second signup method we will be using sexting forums.

So first of all, you can register to these forums and upload a nice avatar (use google). Then
create posts mentioning that you will send nudes and copy and paste them across all of the
forums. Put an image that has a PLAY button on it (that looks like a video) and when they click
on it, they will be redirected to the affiliate site and you earn money. Boom, how easy is that?

In each method you can use words like “Hello love, I am currently available to talk to you on this page (your chaturbate link) I wait for you” you will earn 1 USD for each registration.

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